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Life Coaching and CBT

Life coaching is often about pragmatism and immediate change. Many people seek out life coaches over therapists because psychotherapy, while hugely important for most people, is often more of a sit-back-and-talk approach. Focusing on the past rather than present, and talk over action, therapy helps get to the root of many issues people may develop over the course of their… Read more →

Pair Your Problems With a Workout

  You are likely to¬†find yourself exposed to a different viewpoint when you are discussing your problems with a life coach. This is a person who can offer you advice for overcoming huge obstacles.   Many individuals are overwhelmed by several professional obligations. You may be extremely frustrated because you do not have more time for fun activities. You might… Read more →

The Principles of NLP

“Most of all, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is about freedom” –Dr. Richard Bandler, co-developer of NLP In a previous post, I briefly touched on what NLP is, how it’s a resource for life coaching practices, and the benefits it’s personally brought me. Neuro-Linguistic Programming applicable in not the life coaching arena, but also is a useful tool for athletes and coaches, those… Read more →