Life Coaches – Managing the Mind and Body

When assessing overall health, the body and mind are more connected than we may think. For example, if the mind is experiencing some sort of unconscious distress, it is likely that the body will react in the form of something like a stomach ache. It is important for individuals to realize that they have a great amount of control over their overall wellness. The founder of a holistic mind-body program realized that instead, many people give the responsibility of their own personal health to people like doctors, cooks, teachers, and parents. Life coaching is an important practice that can help people get closer to their goals by sharing tools for improved mental focus.

Photo of a woman on a track

Jasmin Waldmann is a life coach of German and Romanian descent that helps those looking to make life improvements. One client who struggled to lose the last 5 kg of a 20 kg weight loss goal was able to achieve her benchmark and then some. She ended up losing 7 kg, finding a new job, and changing her living situation which made her overall more happy. Others working 9 to 5 jobs can achieve great personal successes through making some small yet intentional changes.

While this may take some discipline, waking up an hour earlier will allow more time for one’s self and family. In this time span, take 15 minutes to get some light exercise such as pilates or walking, then meditate for the next 15 minutes. Directly after the mediation, plan out the day and use the last 5 minutes for a personal activity like reading. A part of this process is allowing enough time to check in your body. Reflect on the quality of the day and allow proper rest time. Maintaining this process for at least three weeks will start to yield a happier self.

Waldmann has a philosophy that relates to achieving success by increasing inner self awareness. This consciousness will lead to greater accuracy in reaching goals and more peace and happiness.  here.



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