Advice from a Life Coach: Making the Best Leader out of YOU

dr. edwin perez leadership

I’m a firm believer that everyone has leadership potential. Some people’s personalities are predispositioned to fall easily into leadership roles, and introverted peoples may feel as though there is no way to “shine as brightly” as those individuals. But that’s absolutely not true. With patience and practice, anyone can hone in on their leadership potential, and be the leaders they want to be.


So, what does it take to be leader? True leaders don’t boast or brag about having the “right stuff”. Leaders simply do. Many of the world’s most important leaders in the financial, tech, and political sectors share a variety of common traits with each other. Keep these traits and characteristics in mind during your leadership journey.


Leaders Believe in Themselves and Will Therefore Take Risks

One of the core traits of any leader is the ability to believe in oneself. Believing in oneself is key to setting and achieving goals. Leaders know that confidence in their own abilities will bring them closer to reaching their goals, even if some uncertainty is involved. Despite uncertainties, leaders are willing to take risks to better their position. Belief in oneself is pivotal in taking risks.


Leaders Make Tough Decisions

A leader must sometimes make tough choices. Decision-making and the ability to be decisive is important in almost every level life. Leaders must learn to make tough decisions on a regular basis. Individuals who find themselves indecisive and unsure of their choices would surely struggle in positions of leadership.


Leaders Always Think of the “Big Picture”

Leaders should be able to create long term visions of their goals. These individuals understand the importance of here and now, but understand the importance of thinking ahead as well. Leaders must know how to strategize effectively in order to accurately map out their goals. The “big picture” ultimately supersedes the here and now however.


Leaders are Humble

No one wants to follow a leader that is neither positive nor humble. True leaders are appreciative of those around him/her. They make this known to those who surround them, treating everyone with the same dignified respect they deserve. Humility also means admitting when one is wrong. A humble leader is willing to admit when they are wrong, and graciously step to the side when others have better ideas. Humble Leaders acknowledge the hard work of others, and are willing to share the credit for achieving goals.


Leaders Can Move Mountains Through Inspiration

Probably the most important quality for a leader to have is the power to inspire. Those who have the power to inspire can move mountains. Through their own inspiration, leaders may inspire others to follow in their footsteps. A leader who truly follows an ideal, a dream, or a vision convinces others to do the same through their passionate spirit. Leaders that are disinterested or lacking of motivation will not win followers, but leaders who are inspired will.


Leaders Empower Others

Much like the previous points, a leader has the capability of filling those around him/her with positive vibes. Leaders empower others to take control of their own lives, helping them break down barriers that may be keeping them down. Most importantly, capable leaders delegate powers to others, empowering them to reach their full potentials under their own guidance.


It’s important to remember that you don’t need to have all of these skills and characteristics right now. Take the time to develop yourself at your own pace. Use this post simply as a guide and a list of goals to work towards.

Blog inspired by this article by Al Arabiya’s Zeta Yarwood.