Advice from a Life Coach: How to Balance Work & Life

woman balancing life

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Life. It’s what you make it, right? However, it’s becoming more and more obvious that which each new thing that you put on your plate–kids, jobs, personal hobbies–things get more difficult to balance.

And so the question is: can you have it all? 

The answer is, simply, yes. You can have the career of your dreams, healthy relationships with loved ones, time to spend with your children, personal hobbies that nurture your passions, and and overall healthy lifestyle. You just have to know the best practices to manage them.

Bringing more balance into your life means swallowing a few tough pills, letting go of some amenities that we need, but not always, and not being afraid to take more time for you! Here are the top tips, courtesy of Psychology Today, to gaining the perfect work-life balance and living your best life!


Be efficient. What takes up the majority of our time? Work. Understanding the value of time while at work is extremely important, which is why delegating a certain amount of time to projects, menial tasks, and meetings can help create a more cohesive schedule. Running a tight, comprehensive schedule can help things get done whenthey’re meant to get done. So turn off your phone on the “Do Not Disturb” setting, as research suggests even the sound of an alert can cause distraction, and get your work done! Soon you’ll have no more late nights and weekends devoted to work-related tasks!

Cut down the commute. Studies have shown that a long commute–an average American spends about one hour commuting to their job–can actually lead to a decrease in happiness, so if possible, take the quickest route to the office. Don’t be afraid to make the commute a priority when considering places to move, or places to work. And, if you can’t help but take the long way to work, make sure the environment you come home to is a positive one.



Stay tuned for part two of this post, filled with more tips, coming soon!