About Dr. Edwin Perez

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Dr. Edwin Perez, MD

Life is a complicated experience that can be as full of as many lows as it is highs. Regardless of who you are or what your background is, everyone is going to be faced with challenges that require overcoming. These challenges may be institutional, physical, mental, or spiritual and frequently they require assistance in overcoming. Life coaches are people who work to help guide their clients through the trials and tribulations of life and towards their dreams and goals. Dr. Edwin Perez is proud to be add his skills as a life coach to his skills as an anesthesiologist because it taps into his desire to help people. Anesthesiology is good for managing physical pain but as a life coach, Edwin is also able to help people manage their mental and spiritual pain too so that they can work towards achieving what will make them happy.

Life coaching is a relatively new form of peer-to-peer coaching that is similar to what a therapist would do but without a degree and with a bigger focus on self-motivation and self-esteem. It can be traced back to the self motivation training and teachers from the 70s and 80s who tried to bring a more natural, intimate, and holistic aspect to how medical professionals approached therapy and helping those who needed mental and spiritual support and guidance. However while those life coaches focused on good feelings and good vibes, Dr. Edwin Perez focuses on a different and even more powerful emotion, anger.

Anger is, quite possibly, the strongest emotion that humans have and have to face down. It can be all consuming and completely destructive to social, personal, and professional lives. People who give in to their anger can act irrationally, lashing out either verbally or physically at those who love them and possibly causing them lasting harm. While most life coaches focus on working around and mitigating your anger, Dr. Edwin Perez takes anger head on to help his clients both control their anger as well as figure out the root cause for it. If you can figure out why and what makes you so angry, you will be that much more able to control it and use it to motivate you to change your circumstances.

Dr. Edwin Perez feels that like the forces of life and death, negative emotions are needed to give balance and make you appreciate your positive emotions. Completely cutting anger out of your life isn’t necessarily a good idea because of the simple fact that anger and frustration are part of the human experience. Edwin wants to help you understand and control your anger so you no longer need to go numb or fear it. Instead he wants to help you understand it, understand the reasoning behind it, and understand how it can help you and be a force for good within your life.

To learn more about the life coaching services offered by Dr. Edwin Perez, visit Support Anger.